the JUDE is an oval gadget safe and sun adaptive full metal frame with acrylic temple tips


Dimensions: 52☐18-138mm (frame-nose bridge-temple)


Baobab Eyewear Gadget Safe & Sun Adaptive (🔵 anti radiation & transition🌞)


✔️ anti radiation gadget safe anti blue light, anti glare, scratch resistant lenses

✔️ transition sun adaptive darkens automatically when exposed to UV to protect the eyes from strong light


This type of lenses is especially helpful for people who have sensitive eyes under the sun, and are constantly on their gadgets and screens whether be it from working or playing. It helps reduce eye strain, avoid migraines, and improve sleep.


All lens gadget safe sun adaptive frames come with (1) one special edition packaging, (1) UV testing paper, (1) UV light, (1) drawstring pouch, (1) dust cloth.

Jude gadget safe sun adaptive

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